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10 Cute Pill Boxes to Jazz Up Your Medication Routine

If you take medication, you may have thought to yourself at some point, “I know there has to be a more glamorous way for me to store my meds!”

And guess what?  There are more glamorous ways! A cute pill box may sound a little kitschy, but oftentimes it does a lot of good to take your medicine from something that makes you smile. If you’re tired of pharmacy-issued med bottles, having a pill box you like cracking open every day might even make you more likely to take your medication.

So, we wanted to recommend a few pill boxes that may brighten your day a little bit, and maybe make it easier to remember the important daily routine of taking your meds.

Here are our picks:

1. This box, covered in cats.

A circular pill box covered in cats.

Buy it for $9.95 on Amazon.

2. These ones, shaped like macaroons.

Pill boxes shaped like macaroons.

Buy six for $8.99 on Amazon.

3. This one, with flowers all over it.

A pale blue pillbox with pink flowers on it.

Buy it for $9.99 on Amazon.

4. This one, with an adorable elephant on it.

A pill box with an elephant wearing glasses and headphones on it.

Buy it for $10.99 on Amazon.

5. This colorful one, so you can organize your meds by time of day.

A rainbow-colored pill box, labeled with a sun, a moon, and a sunset for different times to take pills.

Buy it for $16.99 on Amazon.

6. This one, with a silver flower on it.

A silver pill box with a flower on top of it.

Buy it for $20.68 on Etsy.

7. This one, in black and gold.

A pill box with golden trees on it, against a black background.

Buy it for $12.60 on Etsy.

8. This one, with a bunch of cute cats on it.

A pill box with a rainbow of cute cats on it.

Buy it for $12.99 on Amazon.

9. This one, with a bumblebee on it.

A photo of a pill box with a bee on it.

Buy it for $21 on Etsy.

10. This one, with a girl and the moon on it.

A pillbox with a man looking up at the moon.

Buy it for $7.50 on Etsy.

Taking meds and sticking to them can be hard sometimes. Hopefully, one of these cute pill boxes can make the process a bit more tolerable (and fun!).

Have you ever heard unhelpful or hurtful comments about taking medication? We’re asking the community to share some great comebacks for people who “pill shame.” Join the conversation below!

What are some good comebacks for people who shame you for taking psychiatric medication? #MentalHealth#Anxiety#Depression

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