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Recreating My Dreams as the Father of a Child With Cerebral Palsy

When you plan or expect a baby, you begin a long journey of thoughts and dreams. You imagine their birth, you picture them crawling; you can already visualize their first steps and hear their first words. If you have a vivid imagination, you may already think about which university they will attend, or how they will look on their wedding day. All of this will likely go through your mind even before you meet your little one.

Then one day the unexpected happens. Someone tells you there is a problem and all your dreams are in danger. Your child has just been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

You now have a big choice to make: you can forever think about your original dreams and feel sad, or you can create brand new dreams that can be more rewarding than the original ones. Your child is not an ordinary one, they are extraordinary.

If you have chosen to recreate your dreams, you can now be focusing on the wonderful day when your child may be able to sit up unaided, stand up on their own for a few seconds, or make their first sound. If you have a vivid imagination, you may picture them learning new things, listening to music, radiating love in their own way, and doing other things you might have feared they couldn’t at first, like attending university and getting married.

It’s your own choice, and I chose to recreate my dreams.

My name is Marco Usai and I am the very proud father of Reuben, an extraordinary child that has made all my dreams come true.