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What World Down Syndrome Day Means to Me

World Down Syndrome Day is a day my family and I celebrate and honor the beautiful lives of individuals living with the diagnosis and the beautiful attributes Down syndrome provides.

We celebrate the lives that are constantly defying odds and changing statistics daily!

We celebrate how those living with Down syndrome exhibit a no- discriminatory love and give hope to all who have the privilege of knowing them.

We celebrate how it brings out the most beautiful aspects of our differences.

We celebrate how worthy each life is.

We celebrate and cheer not only our own children and their accomplishments, but all children rockin’ an extra chromosome because we are a team… a family.

You see, that is another beautiful provision of Down syndrome. It forms bonds and creates a family that contains members from various cultures, backgrounds and religions.

World Down Syndrome Day is a day we celebrate a huge part of what makes our youngest daughter, Savannah, who she is.  Just like one person can make a huge ripple in the lives of so many, one extra chromosome can cause a huge ripple of love and enable us to see others through non-discriminatory eyes. We learn that statistics and a diagnoses do not define us. I believe God never makes mistakes. He has a purpose for each of us. So, on World Down Syndrome Day and every day, we celebrate that purpose, we celebrate the individuals, and we will continue to cheer one another along… because after all, we are a team. We are family.

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