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I Make Comics to Show Daily Life With Chronic Pain

My comic series, “Chronic Pain Is a Party,” initially started as a way of raising awareness so other people could empathize with what it’s like living with chronic pain. Then I realized there was something positive about exposing my own vulnerability: it allows women in the same situation to feel supported.

So, it’s a comic that shows episodes of daily life struggling with chronic pain. I think it’s actually more realistic than funny, but still, I’ve seen that many women identify with it. If it doesn’t make them laugh, I hope they can at least find some kind of relief or reassurance that they are not alone, that they can cope with the scrutiny and the stigma and all the uncertainty, and that they are not “crazy” or lazy, as many healthy people tend to think we are.

I think it’s important and urgent to keep raising awareness about the fact that we need more medical research, we need more specialists worldwide and we need a cure, or at the very least, better treatments

I hope more women can enjoy this material and more spoonies will follow my insights. Please help me spread the word about it, and feel free to use these posts in any way that is helpful for you (that doesn’t involve commercial purposes).

Here are some of my comics. I hope you can relate.  

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