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This Graphic Highlights What It Means to Have Strong Emotional Boundaries

Because humans are all unique, we all differ in our feelings, ideas, perspectives and wishes. Therefore, strong emotional boundaries means being able to protect your individual unique feelings, ideas, perspectives and wishes. It also means the ability to recognize our own uniqueness, respecting our own feelings and values, and communicating these differences to set boundaries. Essentially, a strong sense of self is the foundation of emotional boundaries. ‬⁣

‪When you have strong emotional boundaries, you feel comfortable having different feelings and values than others. Moreover, you feel safe to communicate these differences without fear or ridicule and rejection. For example, if you do not agree with something, you are comfortable with that and you may feel as though you can express this. If someone disrespects you, you do not tolerate it. ‬⁣

‪Good emotional boundaries also means paying attention to your needs and giving your mind and body what it needs. For instance, if you are tired, you allow your body to rest. If you need some alone time, you can schedule this time. If others are being too demanding, you will set limits on how much you are working. ‬⁣

‪Good emotional boundaries also means being able to set boundaries with other people without significant feelings of guilt or a need to over-explain why you are setting boundaries. ‬⁣

‪If you find that you have weak emotional boundaries, that is OK. Awareness is the first step in healing. Acceptance is the second step. There are many reasons why people have weak emotional boundaries, such as a fear or rejection, guilt, a need to “save others” and simply because they were never taught how to set healthy emotional boundaries. Be gentle with yourself. ‬⁣

‪Let me know what other ways you practice setting emotional boundaries in the comments below.

Header image via Amy Tran/@doodledwellness