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Please Don't Make Assumptions About Autism

I have heard many assumptions made about me, and heard that I’m apparently meant to be one way when actually I’m the other. People assume they know me when I say I have autism. For example, they’ll say, “oh, I know someone with autism so I know everything about you,” when no, they have no idea about me.

The assumption that hurts the most is that I’m “less” because of my autism. I’m assumed to be less intelligent, less capable, less able to love and show empathy/feel empathy, less able to maintain relationships with people, less able to process situations, less able to “live normally” and just “less able to be a person.” None of this is true, but people often think it about me because there are so many hurtful assumptions out there about autism.

Please get to know me before you make these wrong assumptions. Seriously. It hurts a lot. Once you get to know me and get past the assumptions you’ll see I’m a fully capable human being. Also, please re-think the assumptions you make about all people.

Getty image by Inner Vision.

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