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Why Doing Media Interviews Is Hard for Me as a Person With Autism

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I recently had a podcast interview with Fully Booked by Kirkus Media about my book “Love Is Too Hard: The Dating (Mis)Adventures of a Man With Autism.” I’ve also done a couple of appearances on a local talk show called PA Live. I get so excited when I have to do interviews. However, when it comes time to do the interview thousands or even millions are going to see, I get very nervous.

I have trouble processing language as a person on the autism spectrum. I also struggle with memory problems at times. That prevents me from being fully successful when doing podcasts or other types of media interviews. It’s never my intention to be a bad guest on a podcast, TV show, or any other type of media interview. I just get very nervous.

I also don’t always understand the interviewers’ questions. With my most recent podcast interview, I said “yeah” and it might have unintentionally come out wrong. I also accidentally interrupted the interviewer on one of her questions. Once again, not my intention. I had an interview recently with a blog and I didn’t fully understand the questions sent to me. I was very nervous on my first PA Live appearance and I also had a head cold.

I get better each time, but I tend to always struggle with media interviews and I don’t want my audiences to think I’m a bad person or I’m not trying to be helpful. If you struggle with the same, you are not alone.

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