Chronic Pain

Think of these like playlists, but for your health. Our editors have selected the best and most helpful of The Mighty just for you.
Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Chronic Pain
The Mighty's chronic pain community has so many tips and tricks to share with you. Check out our constantly growing collection of them here.
Finding Acceptance With Chronic Pain
Your life may not have turned out how you planned, but it's possible to find acceptance (and maybe even a little bit of joy along the way).
Living With Undiagnosed Chronic Pain
Unlabeled pain is still real. Even if you don't have a name for what you're going through yet, your experiences are valid. Hang in there.
Pain Scales: The Good, Bad, and Creative
Ever been asked to rate your pain on a scale from 1-10? (Cringe.) Take what you need from these relatable rants and creative alternatives.
Misconceptions About Chronic Pain
There's a lot of misinformation about chronic pain out there. Check out these stories to learn the truth from people who actually live it.
Chronic Pain and Relationships
Ah, chronic pain — the uninvited third wheel. Forming meaningful connections may feel impossible, but these Mighties are here for you.
Navigating Health Care With Chronic Pain
Being a patient is more than seeing a doctor. Learn about self-advocacy, medical gaslighting, and putting the humanity back in health care.
Where Chronic Pain & Mental Health Meet
Chronic pain is more than physical, there's an emotional component too. Get validated and learn how to cope from people who live it daily.
The Gray Area of Treating Chronic Pain
There's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to treating pain. Explore that experience here. Plus, our writers get real about opioids.
The Reality of Chronic Pain
Life with chronic pain can be ugly. This collection is for anyone who wants to ditch the sugarcoating. Save or share however you like.
Supporting Someone With Chronic Pain
Where should you begin when caring for someone with chronic pain? Here are some supportive dos and don'ts to get you started.
When Chronic Pain Comes to Work & School
From briefcases to backbacks, this collection is for the employees (past or present) and students in our community. We're here to help.
When Chronic Pain Ages You
Ever heard, "You're too young to be in pain"? Our community knows how you feel. Pain changes how we age and as we age — read about it here.
Parenting With Chronic Pain
It's tough as hell to care for others when you deal with chronic pain. You're doing great. Nothing is "perfect" when it comes to parenting!
Chronic Pain and Mobility Aids
From choosing the "right" aid to gaining the confidence to use one, hear from others who move through the world a little differently too.
Distractions for High Pain Days
Hey you, it sucks to hurt all the time. Sometimes all you can do is take your mind off things. Enter: songs, TV recs, books, art, and memes.
Cannabis and Chronic Pain
Dispel myths and learn more about pain relief from marijuana, featuring our Chronically Cannabis series. Puff, read, and pass it on.