In December, I finally gotten a GYN to listen to my desire for a hysterectomy. But before I can move forward to that, I was recommended to get genetic testing done. I have never been offered that before in all the years I've mentioned my quite extensive family history of cancers.

It took a while, but in July I got my results. I had the rare CDH1 Gene Mutation. This mutation increases my risk of Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer to 85% by the age of 80 and my Lobular Breast Cancer risk to 30-35%. There is a slight risk increase of Ovarian Cancer as well. That was a lot to take in, but I wasn't surprised. I am already chronically ill managing multiple conditions and that was a huge life change as is. However, this would be a whole new lifestyle change ahead on top of my already busy job of dealing with my already poor health.

These last couple months has been gathering information on surveillance and preventative surgeries. It's been decided that I will get a Total Gastrectomy (complete removal of the stomach) relatively soon, HOPEFULLY get my hysterectomy after I recover from that, and then do surveillance on the breast care side of things. Not only that, but I had to tell my (toxic) father whom I live with all this news since I completely rely on him for support.

Here's to hoping that this new journey improves my quality of life in both the short and long term. And here's to trying to document my journey of managing new health challenges on top of already being chronically ill.#chd1 #HereditaryDiffuseGastricCancer #GeneticTesting