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To Those Who Don't Understand Why I'm Not 'Better' After Getting Back From the Hospital

To those who don’t understand why I’m not “better,”

The reality is I live with mental illnesses. Four to be exact.

While I did just spend 45 days in the mental health inpatient unit at the hospital, it does not mean I am cured or miraculously better. Since being home, things have been rough and at times, very rough. But the difference is I now know how to cope better and have supports to help me.

At the hospital, they don’t just wave a magic wand and make everything better. Some people expect me to be a completely new person. Even after being discharged, I am constantly working on new coping strategies, finding things that trigger me and learning how to manage daily living.

So please don’t ask me things like “So, are you better now?” and “Are you no longer sick?” and “Were you able to get rid of your mental illness?” Please just be there to support me, understand the road is still long and winding and while I may have great days, weeks or even months, I will still have struggles.


The girl who is just trying to cope

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