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One Man’s Trash . . .

Here’s a mental health thing I just thought of:

One Man’s Trigger is Another Man’s Fun

(One man’s trash is another man’s treasure)

- - -

In other words, in some cases, what will work for one person to calm them down might be the very thing that winds the other person up.

I don’t know much about ☯️ but seems like this.

- - -

In other words… it’s all about balance. ⚖️

🙏 #namaste


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Hi from a tired and sad single mom

I am just saying “hi” and trying to surrender to my depression and history of being dependent on meds to just get through each day. I put my best game face on for my daughters sake ( I lost her for 2 years and it’s only been having her home that’s motivated me to fight my demons) but inside it’s always a fragile castle of cards ready to topple with the most minute obstacle or task… I’m looking now for a spiritual more holistic solution to my feelings of failure and despair…luckily a new MCO I joined through Medicaid has approved me to enter into treatment for 28 days. I was on MAT treatment for opioids almost a decade and not only become overwhelmed by depression and anxiety , but also stopped seeing the world in color or taking pleasure in any of the wonderful things we should be enjoying in life. The system wanted me to try new drugs or more drugs or this therapy or that. My diagnosis grew as did my inability to pay the bills or continue small daily tasks like working or getting the mail😵‍💫😵‍💫. I’ve been reading Ram Dass Abd joined his app through the Be Here Now organization ( and honestly it’s made more things start making sense and clicking in my brain then years of 12 step therapy, drug therapy, therapists in general lol. It’s mindfulness work and wisdom of the Eastern gurus and although I’ve never seen myself as the spiritual type, I really think it’s the solution that I’ve been seeking. I want to be a vessel of compassion and peace for my short time left in this life and maybe the pain of it all is bad and unavoidable but also temporary and I can see it, acknowledge it, learn something, and hopefully move past it to greener pastures. Love and peace to all suffering tonight. Maybe it is all just transitory and transforming and we will all wake up tomorrow or the next day and not have so much to struggle with… I’ll end with that🌺 #namaste

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Behind every face is another mask #mask #innervoice

Working with many people I realize the angriest people are the most saddest and hurt individuals. I know communication is 70% non verbal. So when I encounter a mean, angry person I silently tell them "I see you. I know life has dealt you some hard shit. But I see the light within you and I love you. You are loved, you are seen. You are beloved."
Time and time again others around me are puzzled by a pleasant interaction with the most acrid person.
Be kind. We all go through things that are often times hidden away. Inside many of us is a terrified, sad child who cries for help.
#Bekind #ChooseLove #choose #seebeyond #namaste


Hi Fellow #CHDer ’s

I’m so glad I’ve found this forum. i’ve been following #TheMighty For a year or two. And I cannot remember if I saw a CHD group before. I have been here for #ChronicMigraines and Because I had a #Stroke. I want to thank everybody in advance for being here and for honoring yourself in all that you are wherever you are I honor you #namaste

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Reminder - therapy through ink #ChronicPain #Chronicpelvicpain #Neurallymediatedhypertension #Therapy #Chronicpainwarrior #Syncope #fighter #Tattoos #namaste #InvisibleIllness

Always fighting. It does get a little easier some days. Then like a vengeance some days. I can’t.
This my reminder maybe will help someone else <3
“Always fight for another beautiful day”


Morning Routine #Positivity

I want to stay in out of the cold and write today. Tackle my never ending stressors associated with my medical bills. I want to squarely face the mountain. But on a day off I sleep. I slept on my long weekend. But it’s time to take the dogs out. I’m becoming more concerned that the joy from that is vanishing. I’m becoming a hibernating, closeted individual due to my health issues.

Last week my entire closet shelving fell from the weight I placed on it. I left the entire mess on the bottom of the closet floor for three days, rooting out whatever sweater I wanted to wear with my one pair of pants that I could find. It felt like too much hassle. Too much work. I wanted to sleep.

Once I rallied into positive thinking, I was able to tackle that closet. I purged the items I never wear. I shared clothes with friends. I created a space that I love. My closet has a seat in it. It’s large enough to dress in there. So, I made it into a meditation room. Added a few comfy blankets, my Bible and notebook. I retreat in there every morning. No one can touch me in there. Except my budding relationship with God and my heart.

Turning crashed closets into fervent prayer. For my wellness. For others.

#namaste #prayerwarrior

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