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10 Reasons I Have Trouble Sleeping Because of My PTSD

1. Nightmares.

Nightmares are terrifying, and disturb my sleep very frequently.

2. Fear of nightmares.

The fear of having a nightmare means I’m scared to go to sleep.

3. I can sense a nightmare coming.

Sometimes I can sense when I’m going to have a nightmare which means I wake up to escape it.

4. Hyperarousal.

My nervous system is constantly so stressed due to the tension throughout the body it is extremely difficult to relax, and therefore sleep.

5. Triggers.

Night, and the actual act of going to sleep is a huge trigger for me causing increased hyperarousal.

6. Flashbacks.

Flashbacks happen at night for me. This causes fear and confusion.

7. Sounds.

PTSD causes sensitivity to sounds meaning even the smallest sounds can wake me.

8. Loss of control.

Going to sleep is, in a way, losing control of your body — this terrifies me as someone with PTSD.

9. Fears surrounding sleep.

All of the above cause a general fear of sleep.

10. Problematic cycle.

A lack of sleep during the night means people with PTSD are more likely to sleep during the day, meaning it’s more difficult to fall asleep at night.

Unsplash photo via Ben Blennerhassett

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