I have #MentalHealth and my sister has Smith lemli opitz syndrome she was born with the condition, both my parent’s are old and ill health she is the most important person in the world to me,it frightening as she’s non verbal and dread the day our parents die.Shes been my best friend throughout my stays in #MentalHealth hospital and kept me going its taken me a very long time to deal with my #MentalHealth I would self harm suicide anything but now as our parents are getting older I think what position would she be in if they died.I sorted myself out now and getting to spend time with her but think it would be good for us both to seek others out there who are in the same position. IT’S gonna be hard to look after her along with my #MentalHealth but she’s more than just my baby sister she’s my bestest friend.Any one who can help and guide us through our journey together and know anything about baby sister condition, she’s proven everyone wrong Dr’s etc she was never gonna eat solid foods live this long inwhich she’s 34 still strong,but is neglected now by services since she turned 16 .We’d love to know others out there