Think of these like playlists, but for your health. Our editors have selected the best and most helpful of The Mighty just for you.
If You're Feeling Suicidal Right Now
To the person who wants to die right now, you're not alone — our community knows what you're going through. Hope and support are right here.
If Life Doesn't Feel Worth Living
If you don't want to die but you're struggling to live, stick with us. These Mighty stories are good for that gray in-between.
Coping with Chronic Suicidal Thoughts
There's a difference between actively wanting to die and passively living with chronic suicidality. Learn more about it here.
Messages for When You're Struggling
Sometimes we just need to know that someone's there. These Mighty messages are our community's love letter to you.
If You Recently Attempted Suicide
Are you a suicide attempt survivor? We curated this collection for you. It gets better. We're so glad you're still here.
If You've Lost Someone to Suicide
There are no perfect words to fully soften your grief, but here are some Mighty stories from people who have traveled similar paths.
How to Support Someone Who's Suicidal
Supporting someone who is suicidal requires a careful, informed approach. It starts with "I'm here for you." Where should you go next?
Distractions for When You're Suicidal
From phone games to coloring to holding ice cubes, needing a distraction when you're suicidal is understandable. Start here.
Feeling Alone With Suicidal Thoughts
Loneliness is one of the most common symptoms of suicidality. We'll tell you as many times as you need to hear it — we're here for you.
Learn About Suicide Prevention
Why should we say "die by suicide" and not "commit suicide"? Become a stronger advocate for suicide prevention with these Mighty resources.
If Someone You Love Is Suicidal
Is someone you care about contemplating suicide? Understand the signs with this gentle starter pack.
Chronic Illness and Suicide
The intersection of physical illness and suicide may not be obvious, but it's there. They are not mutually exclusive. Learn more here.
Young People and Suicide
Whether you're a parent, a caregiver, an older sibling, or an educator, kickstart those important discussions here.