11 Real-Life Ways ‘High-Functioning’ Depression Can Manifest


11 Real-Life Ways ‘High-Functioning’ Depression Can Manifest

  1. Difficulty experiencing joy.
  2. Relentless criticality — of self and others.
  3. Constant self-doubt.
  4. Diminished energy.
  5. Irritability or excessive anger.
  6. Small things feel like huge things.
  7. Feelings of guilt and worry over the past and the future.
  8. Relying on your coping strategies more and more.
  9. Generalized sadness.
  10. Seeking perfection.
  11. Inability to rest and slow down.

If you see yourself in this, remember you’re allowed to ask for help, even when you don’t feel “sick enough,” even when you’re still managing to get by.

Everyone deserves the help they need.

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