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This App Helps Police Interact With People on the Spectrum


Mom and Former Police Officer Creates App to Help Police Interact With People on the Spectrum.

Less than a year ago, Stephanie Cooper started Autism Law Enforcement Response Training (ALERT).

This program provides police officers with specialized training and sensory kits designed to help autistic people.

Now Cooper is taking her mission one step further through AutismTalk app.

The app helps first responders communicate through picture-based messaging.

“In every autism training class I have taught, I have had numerous law-enforcement officers and first responders ask the same question,”

“‘Why isn’t there an app for us?’”

The app includes picture communication boards with categories for law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services (EMS).

“This app is important to me because if something were to happen to me, first responders will be able to understand and have that extra tool which will allow them to communicate quickly with my son.”

AutismTalk app costs $8.99 And is available for ios and android.

A third of the app’s proceeds will be donated to alert to provide more police training.