This Cafe Is Expanding To Provide More Jobs for Those on the Spectrum

Artistas Cafe trains and employs people on the spectrum and they plan to expand their program to include more training and job experiences in the community.


This Cafe Is So Successful, It’s Expanding To Provide More Jobs for Those on the Spectrum.

Artistas Cafe has trained and employed those on the spectrum in Tampa Bay, Fl, since 2011.

Trainees work on developing their skills, abilities and self-confidence.

Some trainees go on to work at Artistas Cafe, receiving competitive compensation.

Other trainees are able to secure employment within other community businesses.

Due to its success, the cafe is expanding to create the Artistas Development Center.

This expansion will create more training and jobs for those on the spectrum,

And teach integration skills to local employers.

The Development Center will include a training academy, wellness center and retail program.

The retail program will provide job variety with a restaurant, gift store, art gallery and fulfilment center.

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