An NFL Coach Sent This Touching Personal Letter to a Grieving Fan

Shortly after Alex Kormann, 17, lost his father, Russ Kormann, to renal cancer this November, he received a package of merchandise from the Indianapolis Colts, The INDY Star reported. The Kormann family had been Colts fans even before the team relocated from Baltimore in 1984.

Alex’s cousin, Tom Habib, sent a letter to the Colts telling them of Russ Kormann’s dedication to the team and of his recent passing. Alex was touched by the gesture alone — but was even more touched when Colts coach Chuck Pagano sent him a personal letter a week later. The note offered encouragement and advice in his time of grieving.

I teared up,” Alex told The INDY Star. “I was stunned he’d take the time to respond.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 9.15.12 AM
“The @Colts head coach just sent me a personal letter regarding the loss of my father. Made me cry. @ESPNNFL @nfl” Via @KormannAlex on Twitter

Pagano is no stranger to cancer, as he fought a battle with leukemia in 2012, missing much of his first season as the Colts coach, Fox Sports reported. He’s now in remission.

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