16 Emotions Special Needs Parents Experience Every Day

If parenting is an emotional roller coaster, then parenting a child with special needs is an emotional roller coaster, Tilt-a-Whirl, Dare Devil Dive and ferris wheel combined into one intimidating but worthwhile ride. A ride we’re willing to buy tickets for every day.

Here are just a few emotions Mighty parents go through on the daily:

The pure joy of having brought this little human into the world.


Immense guilt over everything you think you’re doing wrong.


The sense of accomplishment that comes from overcoming obstacles. 


Frustrated by how difficult things can be sometimes.


Complete gratitude for the chance to parent someone so special. 


Confusion over everything from medical paperwork to therapy assignments.


Excitement over every hard-earned victory, no matter how small. 


Grumpy about all the battles you and your little one still have to fight. 


Giddy over the progress you’ve made thus far.


Devastated by the way the world can’t always accept your child as easily as you’d like. 


But optimistic about the future. 


Angry over how much time your kid spends in therapy or at doctor’s offices. 


Utterly exhausted by all the emotions you’re feeling all the time (and, oh yeah, no sleep).


Half-convinced you’re not cut out for this.


Simultaneously confident in your ability to endure whatever comes your way. 


And last but not least — full of love. More of it than you ever thought possible. 

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