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A research team at Colorado State University has come up with a unique alternative to hearing loss. They’ve turned to a different part of the body — the tongue.

Their developing device uses the tongue’s nerves to interpret electrical signals, according to Popular Science. Audio, such as a particular word, is taken from an earpiece microphone and turned into electrical signals that are sent to a mouthpiece using Bluetooth technology. The mouthpiece then creates a signal or pattern on the tongue that represents the spoken word. Eventually, the brain will subconsciously identify a pattern as signifying a specific word.

Dr. John Williams, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and JJ Moritz, a graduate student, have spent a year testing prototypes, according to The Telegraph. They’re in the process of filing a provisional patent and launching a company to sell the device.

I’d like to make a good impact on the world and maybe change some people’s lives,” Moritz says in the video below.

Check out this revolutionary device in the video below:

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