7 Dating Tips for Parents of Children With Special Needs

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Dear High School Cross Country Runner #9

Dear high school cross country runner #9 in the red uniform, You don’t know my name, and I don’t know yours. I don’t even know what high school you represent because I didn’t recognize your uniform. But I will never forget your unexpected act of compassion at that cross country meet in October when you competed against [...]

Wayne Brady Sets Out to End Stigma Surrounding Men and Mental Illness

Wayne Brady is speaking out about a personal subject to battle the stigma that surrounds men with mental illness. Last November, the comedian spoke out about his ongoing depression. Now, he’s joined a campaign, launched in part by the organization Bring Change 2 Mind, called #StrongerThanStigma. The rate of suicide among men has been three [...]

I Didn’t Know This About My Son When I First Met Him

I didn’t know it when I first met him. They took him over to the corner. I tried to see, but they were blocking my view. I opened my mouth, nothing came out. A hand on my shoulder gently guided my head back onto the damp pillow. “You’re not finished yet, one more push, good [...]

This Unforgettable Moment Happened Because My Daughter’s Brain Is Imperfect

I am 2,300 unfathomable miles from where I thought I would be, sitting in a home so full to the brim of love it’s palpable. There isn’t one wall that doesn’t have a picture of happy times — three beautiful daughters and eight adorable grandchildren smiling and laughing in the loving arms of the most [...]