The Moving Moment a Father With Breast Cancer Made Sure He Didn't Miss His Daughter's Wedding

Hugh Campbell has lived with breast cancer for the last seven years. His daughter, Emily Campbell, is getting married in October, but because Hugh’s cancer has reached stage IV, he isn’t sure he’ll be there for the big day. So, with help from the Norton Cancer Institute, Hugh made his dream of walking his only daughter down the aisle a reality.

On Friday, February 27, family and friends joined Hugh and Emily Campbell for a special ceremony in Louisville, Kentucky. Emily Campbell told WLKY she will carry that day with her on her actual wedding day this fall.

It gives me something to reflect on when my wedding comes,” she says in the video below. “Even if he’s still here, it’s a great memory for us to have together and for us to share this together.”

Hugh Campbell wants to take this opportunity to raise awareness about how breast cancer affects men. Though they make up fewer than 1 percent of all breast cancer cases, men are still susceptible to the disease, particularly men in their 60s, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Watch Campbell walk his daughter down the aisle in the moving video below.

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