I Don't Have Control Over My Condition. Here's Why That's OK.


I’ve had my “fake it till I make it” face on for a long time. But I’ve found grace in this journey. So, thank you.

Yes, thank you!

You will not win. I’m no longer a people pleaser, and I’m no longer living for the approval of other’s or wondering what they think.

So, for that, I thank you. I had compassion, but now I have more. I had patience and peace, but now I have more.

So you see, gastroparesis, you cannot win this battle with me.

Even when I have no control, it’s OK because I never truly had it. So what more do you have to say? My peace lives in a place where you have no claims.

See, the adversity you brought to me only brought me strength. No, not physical strength, but the important kind — spiritual and emotional.

So gastroparesis, you can’t define anything about me because you don’t even really know me.



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