I Let My 4-Year-Old With Autism Use My Camera. Here's How He Sees the World.

Last year around this time I put together a post of the pictures my son, Mareto, had been taking with my fancy DSLR camera. Every time I dump the photos from my camera to my computer I enjoy going through to find his little treasures. Sometimes I remember him taking specific pictures, but usually they’re all a surprise. It’s a sweet glimpse into life from his perspective. I love seeing what he thinks is important, interesting, valuable and worthy of a picture.

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I’m so thankful I decided early on in my children’s lives to say yes whenever possible. Saying yes has given them the space to explore their world and exercise their creativity. Here are some of the latest photos from my sweet 4-year-old.

Mommy getting his sister ready for school.

snow white figurine

VMI cadets marching in an afternoon parade.
Visiting Daddy at the office.


Sunbeam on the rug.
Sister riding next to him in the car.

154-1024x682(pp_w665_h442) (1)

Examining the threads of the carpet.
Stunning shot of his sister in the morning light.


He caught mommy cleaning up crafts.
His favorite smile.
Mommy getting out of the car to run a quick errand.


He loves watching ceiling fans go around and around.
What every true artist needs… a self-portrait (with Mr. Rogers in the background.)

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