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This Awesome Woman Is Making People Laugh About a Disease That’s Not All That Funny

Nicole Osborne is not your average comedian. Diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in March of 2011, Osborne is turning her prognosis into a new career. The survival rate for Stage 4 breast cancer is less than 25 percent for five years, according to The American Cancer Society. Osborne was given less than one year to live in 2013 — but she’s outlived expectations and now brings awareness to cancer one joke at a time.

“Once I had cancer, I kind of felt like no holds barred,” Osborne told CBS News. “I’m going to do whatever I feel like doing, and I wanted to try [stand-up comedy], so I tried it, and I loved it.” She moved from Chicago to New York for cancer treatment and decided to pursue comedy.

Watch one of her performances here. Story continues below.

Osborne has since performed sold out shows at renowned comedy clubs, such as Stand Up NY and The Comedy Club in New York City. While cancer is clearly no laughing matter, those affected by the disease have warmly received Osborne’s routine.

“I have Stage 4 breast cancer. And because of that, people don’t know how to talk to me. They either think I’m dying right away or they can tell me their deep secrets because I’ll die with them,” she says in video above. “This is the last time I go to a Supercuts, you guys.”

Osborne currently lives in The Hope Lodge, an American Cancer Society residence in New York City, and performs as often as her health allows.

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