This Is How a Blind Girl Imagines ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to Look. And It’s Magical.

Step into the imaginative world of a blind 7-year-old girl.

Called “Emily’s Oz,” the video below is an advertisement for Comcast’s new system that will allow users with visual impairments to experience TV and movies through a voice-enabled television interface.

In the commercial, a young girl named Emily describes what she imagines “The Wizard of Oz” to look like, and then it’s animated and brought to life before our eyes. Her interpretation of the classic film is strange, beautiful and completely captivating.

I think about the shape,” Emily says in the video below. “I think about color, and I also think about sound. I take it into my brain, and I think about what would it look like to me.”

Check out the charming video below: 

h/t Huffingon Post Good News

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