This Resourceful Grandfather Found a Beautiful Way to Handle His Grief

Roger Leggett felt immense heartache four years ago.

In a span of just a few weeks, Leggett, from Atlanta, lost his 24-year-old son to heat stroke, and his then 4-year-old granddaughter was diagnosed with brain cancer, according to USA Today.

After witnessing a woman in the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospital struggle to manage her sick child’s IV pole, Leggett had an idea. He decided to handle his grief by putting his hands to work.

He altered red wagons so they included IV poles, and now parents can wheel around their children while they undergo chemotherapy or recover from a procedure. Roger has converted almost 100 wagons for the hospital, according to the YouTube video below

This month Leggett and his family finally got some good news —  his granddaughter, Felicity, is in remission.

Get the full story in the moving video below:

h/t GodVine

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