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Watch a Hockey Fan Who Cannot Walk or Speak Score the Best Goal Ever

Cammy is a Chicago Blackhawks fan who was born unable to walk or speak. Her dream was to score a goal out on the ice with her favorite player. So, as part of the #WhatsYourGoal social media campaign, the Blackhawks set out to make that happen.

In the adorable video below, Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith, Cammy’s favorite player, straps a pair of skates on her, and the two hit the ice. Keith and Cammy maneuver around the rink, going over some basics before heading toward the Blackhawks goalie.

Cammy may not be able to speak, but her squeals of delight after she and Keith knock the puck into the net are unmistakable.

Watch Keith and Cammy’s heartwarming interaction in the video below.

*Feature image from the Chicago Blackhawks Instagram.

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