Watch Robert Downey Jr.’s Best Work Yet

Alex is a 7-year-old comic book fan who was born without part of his right arm. Now, he’s a superhero.

In the adorable video below, Alex walks into a hotel room and is presented with his own bionic arm by none other than the actor who plays Iron Man in the films, Robert Downey Jr.

Albert Manero, a student at the University of Central Florida, designed and printed Alex’s bionic arm using a 3D printer, Yahoo News reported. Manero founded Limbitless Solutions, a volunteer-driven group that makes affordable bionic limbs for people in need. The Iron Man limb cost just $350 to print whereas typical prosthetics can cost more than $40,000.

After Alex’s arm was ready, he and Downey were set up through The Collective Project, an organization that highlights people utilizing technology to do good deeds. The organization filmed Alex and Downey trying on their bionic arms together in the adorable video below.

Each one looks the same,” Alex says in the video below, as compares his own bionic arm with Iron Man’s. “Actually, I think yours might be better than mine,” Downey responds.

See Alex and Robert Downy Jr. compare their bionic arms in the incredibly sweet video below:

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