Boston Bombing Survivor Crosses Finish Line at the Site Where Her Life Forever Changed

On April 15, 2013, Rebekah Gregory was hospitalized and fighting for her life following the Boston Marathon bombing. She’d been near the finish line cheering on the runners at the time of the attacks. Last April, as a tribute runshe crossed the finish line in a wheelchair. On Monday, she returned again to the site where her life was forever changed — this time, as a runner.

Last November, after numerous operations, Gregory had her left leg amputated below the knee. Just six months later, she was cleared to run the last three and a half miles of the Boston Marathon on her new prosthetic. She joined 30,000 others in crossing the 2015 finish line, Fox News reported.

This is the day… I take my life back,” Gregory wrote on her Facebook page the morning of the race.

Gregory, a Texas native, ran the last few miles of the race with her trainer, who is also an amputee, My Fox Boston reported. In an emotional finish, she collapsed in tears just beyond the painted finish line.

Watch the moving moment Gregory crossed the finish line in the video below.

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