How This Fan Brought 'The Rock' to Tears

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the professional wrestler and actor, recently let his fans glimpse his softer side.

Johnson was driving when he noticed some people running after his car and waving their arms, according to a post on his Facebook page. When he stopped, a fan named Nick Miller hugged him and told him he had found the strength to fight cancer thanks to Johnson.

Miller told the actor he had inspired him to fight through his various treatments for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, including chemotherapy and stem cell transplants.

He was a little teary-eyed and said for months and months all he has wanted to do was find me and say this face to face,” Johnson wrote on his Facebook page.

The two took a photo together, flexing their muscles and grinning.

Cool story to share on Easter… After my workout I'm driving in my pick up and notice these kids in the rearview mirror...

Posted by Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Sunday, April 5, 2015


The experience moved Johnson deeply, who wrote that he too began tearing up as he drove off and reflected on the encounter.

As I’m driving I start shaking my head (and tearing up) at how fragile life is and how amazing and cool the universe was to make this meeting between myself and this special kid, Nick Miller, come true,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson ended the post by urging everyone to take a moment to count their blessings. Since it was posted on Monday, April 6th, the post has received over 2 million likes and nearly 100,000 shares.

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