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Let's help each other

I know that so many people here have tried to reach out, in a time of need, to family, friends, and professionals, hoping to get some kind of help, but instead were quickly told to simply get over it. We all know this doesn't work, and it's very painful when this is the response we get. Does anyone have an example they'd like to share of when this happened? More importantly, does anyone have an example of when they got help the RIGHT way? If so, what did you need help with, and what was the person's way of giving that help? Do you have any advice for how we can better show support? Or is there something you would like help with right now?

Also, I started making video responses to your mental health questions as a way to better share advice with you all.

The last video I made was in response to @soultalon who asked about how to use exposure therapy to overcome trauma and fear. If this information is relevant to you, you can check out the video here:

Otherwise, if you have any questions about mental health, please post in my group and I will try to make a video response specifically for you.

~ Thanks to all. Thanks for all. ~

Speaking of thanks for all, I was hoping we could acknowledge everyone who comments below. I know it seems like a small gesture, but many people here have never opened up to anyone before and being open and honest with strangers can be quite scary. So, if we could show our gratitude by giving their comment a simple reply or heart, I’m sure they would really appreciate your team support. What do you say?

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Survivor status unlocked

I am now officially cancer free! I'm still recovering from surgery but that is one less thing to focus on right now. #Cancer

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How can you bring joy to someone else this weekend?

One of the best things about joy is that we don’t have to keep it to ourselves! To wrap up this week’s theme, our challenge to you is to intentionally bring joy to someone else over the weekend, especially to someone who needs it.

Who will you choose? A friend, neighbor, family member, spouse, or another Mighty member? What will you do?

We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below! 💌

#52SmallThings #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #Disability #Caregiving #Cancer #Autism

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Lyme rage

This is the only way i know to let this beast go. Lyme rage, it’s real, it’s ugly and don’t get in the path of someone with it. I’ve had Lyme 38 years, the entire time I’ve lived across the river from Lyme CT. My husband has it, even my dog does. I’m the chronic one and the one that gets repeatedly reinfected. And hitting my head. I’m at around 30 or more concussions. Lyme and head injuries are not a good mix. Neither is a Candida die off, not the three B’s but systemic Candidiasis’. I’ve been on and off antibiotics since i was a kid. I’m 68 now, my gut has finally healed but my diet is killing me mentally, no dairy no sugar no wheat says the former carboholic. Candida needs sugar to live on. She begs for it relentlessly, Candy is an evil bitch. Chills, mood changes and horrific skin rashes that smell like death no matter how much i wash.

But today the thing I’m most angry about is what my psychiatrist told me. He’s affiliated with Yale the great Lyme disease deniers and torturers of Lyme patients especially women since the test rarely works on us. For 12 years i tried to convince him Lyme was real. He went with silence thankfully and not mocking and abuse. But 3 months ago he said all of your issues are likely due to the Lyme and i have an office full of patients like you.

Excuse me, could you repeat this again. You now believe persistent Lyme exists, no test needed, symptoms obvious.

i should be happy but I’m furious. My country has betrayed me. Used me as a guinea pig in their biological weapons experiments without my permission. Dropping ticks on us out of airplanes. But the ticks hopped on all the birds that landed on Plum Island and so a pandemic began. They were supposed to ask per their own manual Title 50, Google it.

My country stole my life, my career, my hobbies, my friends and family. All that’s left is my faithful and loyal husband with Agent Orange cancer. At least they admitted to that and pay him. Me they throw $2000/ mo at and expect me to pay for my own Lyme care.

I want reparations, i want medical care. , i need a caregiver since you took away my pain meds I’m bedridden in pain. You destroyed my life and that of millions of people.

Why did things change? COvid.! Ironically Covid acts a lot like late Lyme. Fatigue cognitive changes, memory issues and the bonus hypoinflation of the lungs or shortness of breath. And long haulers are all over the place.

As far as I’m concerned the biggest war is right here in the USA and caused by them. I get nothing from them, I’m left alone because no one knows the truth unless they looked. It’s there but even the Drs don’t know. It’s so bad that they finally had to do something. There are now CDC guidelines in place for late Lyme. If you’re on Medicare you can get a full tick borne panel paid for by Medicare at a specialty lab, do it. But preferably please use the built in executioner when you’ve had enough. It will come to your head usually with unbearable pain and dare to say wouldn’t you be happier dead. My answer is no. Fuck you Lyme disease and Uncle Sam.

I’m forever a POW of the USArny’s biological weapons experiments gone horribly awry and i live in my cell alone waiting to die

Tell everyone it’s really real (even tho we knew it)

the emperor is indeed naked but the people aren’t laughing they’re crying

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What was the last thing that surprised you?

No matter the scale, surprises come in two extremes: absolutely delightful and heartstopping-ly gut-wrenching.

So while we’re on the subject, we’re curious about what you’ve been surprised by lately. Did something happen — good or bad — in your health journey? Did you witness something beautiful? Have a pleasant, out-of-the-ordinary day at work? Accomplish a goal a little ahead of schedule? (Go you!) Suffer a loss of some kind?

📚 Here’s a Mighty story we’ve been loving lately: Why I'm Surprised (And Comforted) My New Therapist Mentioned Trauma

#MightyMinute #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #Disability #Caregiving #Autism #Cancer

Why I'm Surprised (And Comforted) My New Therapist Mentioned Trauma

"It was something I hadn't really considered."
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What does brain fog feel like to you?

To some, brain fog isn’t a once-in-a-while symptom — it can be a debilitating part of everyday life with a health condition. Everyone describes it differently, too: like your head is full of Jell-O or stuffed with cotton balls; like your brain and mouth aren’t working as one.

In general, brain fog can accompany both mental and physical health conditions (it’s very often linked to diagnoses like depression, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, and migraine). The symptoms can include reduced cognitive functioning, multitasking, or memory recall.

What’s your experience with brain fog? What does it feel like to you? How do you cope?

#MightyMinute #Insomnia #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #Disability #Caregiving #Cancer #Lupus #Migraine #Fibromyalgia #MultipleSclerosis

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Rough night after a great day…

So I don’t know who I can talk to about this really. I guess it will have to wait for my counseling visit when I get back to CA. I got upset tonight, after a lovely and special day. We watched the total solar eclipse in Public Square in Cleveland Ohio with our daughter her love. It was spectacular! We went to opening day at Progressive ballpark, for The Guardians. They won 4 to 0 against The Chicago White Sox.

It was the eighth inning when my daughter and I were talking..She noted that since we moved nine months ago, that there were most likely no more of her childhood things in our house.-I told her that any of her toys or her sisters I gave to The American Cancer Thrift store. I told her I kept two of her childhood drawings.(They are on the doors inside our linen closet.)

I also said that I found a drawing that her sister (my oldest who estranged herself from us) did at around 10 years old..titled “Acapulco Deli Barf!” I told her the story behind the deli..She remembered going there. It was apparently very graphic for both daughters! I suppose it was the bizarre food variety, Lambs legs, calves tongue,intestines,and God knows what else!?

I mentioned that I was thinking about mailing the drawing to her sister.-That maybe she’d get a kick out of it.? She told me to:”Leave her alone.!” She also said that anything I sent her was going to go through my son in law, and he’d do whatever with it as he saw fit! It occurred to me that my oldest daughter never even read the letter I sent her one year and eleven months ago.

I don’t even know what I apologized for, nor what I did to that child?! I sent a letter and two packages with kid things that I’d kept for her. She didn’t even pay me the respect of looking at it!?

At the game, I felt myself getting angry, sad, and I felt disrespected..I try to be grateful, but wow it’s hard sometimes! I Love my oldest daughter, but I don’t know how I feel now. She’s the child who constantly tried to throw herself out of our lives without reason. I felt myself losing composure..I thought I was going to burst into tears. I excused myself and tried very hard not to lose it in the stadium restroom.

Why does my oldest daughter hate me so badly? What did I do to make her shut me out completely? I can’t help that she has Stage 4 HER 2 breast cancer! I did not give it to her! If I could take the illness from her myself, I would! My heart is broken. I hurt so very deeply some days..

I don’t want to have my oldest daughter’s craziness affect my relationship with my younger daughter. I Love that daughter dearly..though I wish she hadn’t said what she did. Maybe I would have been ok with the delusion that there’s a chance that my older child, would allow herself a walk down memory lane as a child if I mailed her the funny art works she’d done back then?-When things were good, and perhaps she felt Loved by us?-When she was free always to express herself. Lord knows we tried..

My youngest and I were relatively quiet on the way, of her and her boyfriend dropping us off at our air b n b. They said that they’d forgotten to give their dog water, before heading out on the day. We understood. Plus, maybe we’d spent enough time together for the extended weekend?

My husband told me tonight that he gave up on our oldest daughter or caring about her two years ago…That’s hard for me to hear that. He’s her dad. Did he ever really care, or love her? Why do I feel he’s just devoid of any emotion? I know he feels, but what? He only feels sadness for how I feel for how this is all so difficult for me.? What else?

I hoped writing about this would help me, but I’ve only cried a lot. I try to be positive, but some days, no matter what’s happened around me, if something gets me..I just don’t feel well. #Depression #Cancers (daughter) #Loneliness #MentalHealth

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