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Watch This 6-Year-Old Cancer Patient Light Up the Hospital With a Dance Party

Braylon Beam, from Denver, North Carolina, is receiving chemotherapy for a brain tumor on his optic nerve, according to his YouCaring page. However, the 6-year-old isn’t one to let anything get him down.

Braylon and his dad came up with the idea for a Friday dance party after Braylon’s weekly treatment to help keep his spirits up, reported. They practice their dance the night before and then perform it for family, friends, patients and hospital staff.

Braylon’s dancing is wonderful, amazing, it fills us with joy.” Braylon’s oncologist, Dr. Jessica Hall, told the outlet. “This is what the treatment really is all about — surviving and maintaining their childhood joy throughout. That’s why we’re doing this.”

Check out Braylon’s sweet dance moves in the video below: 

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