Why People From All Over Are Taking Photos With Carrots

Brice Royer, the man best known for his viral Craigslist ad selling unconditional love for the price of $0, has recently been getting some internet love of his own.

The 31-year-old from Vancouver has a form of stomach cancer called gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST) that has severely restricted his diet. He wrote on his blog that carrots are the only food he can eat consistently without pain. Since his diagnosis, he’s lost more than 30 pounds and struggles to get enough nutrition.

To help boost his morale during this difficult time, people from all over world began taking photos of themselves with carrots and sending them to Royer.

Brice Royer (Brown Rice) is at home or in hospitals most days. Can you cheer him up and kiss a carrot for him? He has...

Posted by Rachel Moody on Saturday, March 28, 2015


Their kindness made me tear up,” Royer wrote about the people sending photos, “and the fun pictures made me laugh.”

Royer says his mother will print out all the images and put them on a wall where he can see them. He calls it the “Carrot Love Wall.”

It makes me want to get out of bed, and it makes me want to stay alive,” Royer told The Huffington Post British Colombia. “Normally they say patients like me have a five-year life expectancy after a GIST diagnosis, but I won’t give up so easily.”

Tweet or Facebook photos of yourself with carrots using the hashtags #EatCarrotsForBrice and #KissCarrotsForBrice to show Royer some support and to make him smile. 

h/t HuffPost BC

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