Why This Woman Wasn’t Outraged By This Rude Note Left on Her Car

Natasha Hope-Simpson didn’t have the reaction you’d expect when finding an angry note on her car.

Hope-Simpson, a 25-year-old artist from Nova Scotia, Canada, lost part of her left leg in a hit and run accident back in 2013, CBC reported. Now, she wears a prosthetic device and uses a handicapped parking permit.

Recently, she found this aggressive note on her car after leaving it parked in an accessible parking spot.

The note read:

I have a video of you walking away from your car on numerous occasions, you are not handicapped! The next time you park here I will forward the videos to police with your license plate number. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Hope-Simpson, who still doesn’t know who left the note, was not angered its message. Instead, she took it as a compliment.

I’m kind of flattered about that,” she told the outlet, “because I’ve been working pretty hard on my walk to make it look natural.”

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