Teen Who Carried Brother With Cerebral Palsy for 40 Miles Has Something Big Planned

In June 2014, Hunter Gandee and his younger brother Braden made headlines when they walked 40 miles over two days in the name of cerebral palsy awareness. Hunter, then 14, carried then 7-year-old Braden, who has cerebral palsy, on his back. The two traveled all the way from their hometown of Temperance, Michigan, to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, The Mighty reported last year.

This year, the brothers are taking cerebral palsy awareness even further. Hunter and Braden are currently planning a three-day 55-mile walk, The Associated Press reported. Like last year, Hunter will carry Braden on his back the entire time.

The upcoming “Cerebral Palsy Swagger” walk will begin on June 5 at Douglas Road Elementary, Braden’s elementary school, in Lambertville, Michigan. There, they will participate in the ceremony for the CP Swagger Shipyard, an inclusive playground at Braden’s elementary school the duo raised money for last year. The brothers are scheduled to complete the walk on June 7 at the University of Michigan.

“This year’s goal will be to get the attention of the leaders, innovators and engineers of tomorrow to show them the need for a truly accessible world,” Hunter says in the video below. “A world that will be inclusive and embrace people with cerebral palsy; one that lets people with different abilities not only become included but excel.”

Learn more about the upcoming walk in Hunter and Braden’s adorable press conference:

Feature photo from the Cerebral Palsy Swagger Facebook page.

For more information about Hunter and Braden’s upcoming walk, visit the Cerebral Palsy Swagger blog. Follow the project’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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