If You Have Special Needs and Are Looking for a Job, This Chart May Help

As of May 2015, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities in the United States is just over 10 percent. That’s nearly double the unemployment rate for people without disabilities, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Of course, many factors contribute to this statistic, but The Mighty wanted to learn about what programs are already available that specialize in assisting people with special needs in finding employment.

We spoke with Keri Castaneda, Chief Program Officer of AbilityFirst, a program in Pasadena, California that offers services for people with varying intellectual and physical abilities. We also talked to Sarah Duplessis, the Program Director for Food for Good Thought in Columbus, Ohio. Food for Good Thought provides job training and support for people with autism and offers supported employment at its gluten-free bakery.

We asked Castaneda and Duplessis about the step-by-step process each of their respective programs goes through to help their clients with disabilities find jobs. Then, we compiled what we learned into the infographic below.*

If you have a disability or special needs and are looking for a job, here’s how an employment agency can help.

Employment (2)

*The process each employment agency uses may vary from program to program.

To learn more about how programs can help people with disabilities find jobs, visit the AbilityFirst and Food for Good Thought websites.

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