The Awesome Way John Cena Went Above and Beyond for a Fan With Cancer

You may remember the time professional wrestler John Cena gave one lucky fan with Down syndrome the best day of his life at a WWE match last March. Now, Cena’s making headlines again after bringing a similarly wonderful experience to a young fan who has cancer at the WWE Raw match on June 1.

After spotting a fan holding a sign that read “I’m Beating Cancer” in the audience, Cena directed an uplifting speech his way. The WWE champion then went into the crowd to greet the fan, invited him into the ring and let him hold his belt.

“If I say or if I wear the words ‘never give up,’ not only am I telling the truth, but I am encouraging young and old, all alike, like that person right there, to do the exact same thing,” Cena emphatically exclaimed to the audience in the video below, pointing to fan before bringing him onstage.

Check out the entire heartwarming exchange in the video below.

Cena is well known for his work outside the ring. He actively supports the Kids Wish Network and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As of April 2014, Cena had granted more than 400 Make-A-Wish wishes — more than any other celebrity in the foundation’s history.

h/t Bleacher Report

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