Hackers Stole Money a Little Girl Planned to Spend on Toys for Sick Kids

Noelle Gregoire was devastated when she found out somebody had hacked her charity bank account and spent nearly all of the $2,600 she had raised, CBS Boston reported.

Noelle, 10, from Haverhill, Massachusetts, had raised the money through a GoFundMe page and a charity swim she did across a New Hampshire lake a few weeks ago. She planned to spend the money on toys for patients at Floating Hospital For Children at Tufts Medical Center. Noelle has gone to the hospital for frequent treatments for dysplastic spondylolisthesis, a rare spinal condition, since she was 5 years old.

When Noelle and her mother went to begin buying toys, they discovered someone had hacked the account, spending all but $7. Although the bank pledged to restore the funds, kind strangers came to the rescue. There was a sudden influx of donations to Noelle’s GoFundMe page — $3,000 in donations in less than 48 hours. The children at the hospital will be getting their toys after all.

“Some people are just rude but there are actually some nice people in the world,” Noelle told CBS Boston.

Get the full story from the video below: 

h/t Reddit Uplifting 

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