The Internet's Moving Response to This Man's 5th Cancer Diagnosis

Photographer Brandon Stanton’s popular “Humans of New York” Facebook page has hit a home run once again in its quest to share honest, real-life stories of New Yorkers. In one of its latests posts (below), a man in Yankee Stadium opened up to Stanton about his experience with cancer.

“I’m trying to beat cancer for the fifth time. The first time was in 1997, and the doctor told me that I’d only live...

Posted by Humans of New York on Wednesday, July 8, 2015


The post reads:

I’m trying to beat cancer for the fifth time. The first time was in 1997, and the doctor told me that I’d only live for six months. I’ve had it in my armpit, my knee, my back, and twice in my groin. Life keeps throwing me curveballs. I keep hitting them.

Humans of New York is famous for its often positive comment threads — an unusual achievement on the Internet these days. This post was no exception — some commenters offered words of support while others thanked the photo subject for inspiring them. Here’s a look at a few great comments:

“My dad was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I needed to see this. Your attitude is amazingly inspiring. I’m showing this to my dad to boost his spirit. Keep hitting those curve balls! I wish you health. And my daddy too.”

“Currently beating cancer for the 5th time, too. I’ve learned that I can do ANYTHING for one minute; then I start a new minute. #cancersucks#beatit

“Sounds like you are batting 1,000, Sir.”

“I needed this today. After sitting in a hospital with my Mom for 7 hours as she received chemo yesterday to watching her break down tonight because she’s not sure she can beat cancer again… I, again, really needed this. Thank you for sharing this brave man’s story.”

“Complaining seems so embarrassing after this guy.”

“You clearly have nine lives and a positive attitude. Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.”

Read the complete comment thread here.

We love this community and how people support each other. Here’s to being in this together.

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