The Moment This Woman Without Arms Embraced a Little Girl Just Like Her

Jessica Cox proves you don’t need arms to accomplish incredible things.

She has a Black Belt in Taekwondo, has earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is the first woman to fly a plane with her feet, according to Guinness World Records. Now, Cox, who was born without arms, in addition to her work as a motivational speaker and humanitarian, is currently promoting “Right Footed,” a documentary film about her life.

During the premiere of the film at EEA AirVenture, an airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Cox met RE, a very special little girl who also doesn’t have arms. The two shared a moving embrace.

You don't need arms to return a hug... or give one. Jessica Cox with RE who was also born without arms

Posted by Right Footed A documentary film about Jessica Cox on Sunday, July 26, 2015


You don’t need arms to return a hug… or give one,” read the caption on the sweet photo, posted to Cox’s documentary film Facebook page on July 26.

RE was also born without arms, and her mother drove six hours to get her daughter there to see Cox, according to another post on the page.

Cox and RE got to spend some personal time together chatting and hanging out. RE even got an autographed poster for Cox’s film.

See Cox and RE together in the video below:

We're at AirVenture and just met RE, who was also born without arms. Her mother drove six hours to get her here ... and...

Posted by Right Footed A documentary film about Jessica Cox on Friday, July 24, 2015


I can tell you today that if I was given the choice, I wouldn’t want the arms,” Cox says in the documentary’s trailer below, “Because of the wonderful things I’ve been able to do, [and] the lives I’ve been able to touch.”

See the trailer to Cox’s documentary film below: 

Go here to learn more about Jessica Cox and her upcoming film, and visit this blog to hear more about Cox’s experience meeting RE. 

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