Nurses Gave This Cancer Patient the Surprise ‘Wedding’ of Her Dreams

One little girl with cancer just had the best day ever.

While 4-year-old Abby is getting treatment for Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancers in Albany, New York, she’s made a few friends, according to the Amazing Abby Facebook page. One in particular is her favorite nurse, Matt Hickling.

When Abby’s mother mentioned Abby wanted to marry Hickling, he and fellow nurses immediately went into action.

All week Abby had been telling me that she was getting married this week. I asked her to who and of course she said Matt,” read a post written by Abby’s mom on the Amazing Abby Facebook page. “They have always had a great connection since the beginning of her diagnosis. I asked her when and she said at clinic. I explained we weren’t going until Thursday. So she waited. I texted Matt yesterday to give him a heads up on her cuteness and received a text saying, ‘We’re planning a wedding tomorrow…’ That was about all the information I got.”

And plan a wedding they did. On Thursday, July 16, Hickling and fellow nurses organized a ceremony complete with a rose petal aisle, ring-pop wedding rings and a toy car with a “just married” sign.


Abby walked down the aisle to meet Hickling, who was clad in a tuxedo shirt, and gave him a big hug. Later, they had cake and took wedding photos.

“I know the people at the Melodies Center and know their creativity and thoughtfulness but never expected all of this,” Wrote Abby’s mom in a Facebook post. “Abby’s response was, ‘This is the best day ever!’ We are both in awe from today’s visit and smiling ear to ear.”

See some of the photos from Abby’s big day below:



“This day will hopefully be one our patient and her family can always look back on and smile when days are tough,” Hickling said in a Facebook post. “I know I will.”

See a video of the ceremony below:

So today I got to help make a 4 year old leukemia patient's "wedding" to her favorite nurse Matt Hickling happen at the...

Posted by Lori Ciafardoni on Thursday, July 16, 2015


Check out the Amazing Abby Facebook page to see more photos and keep up with Abby’s journey. 

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