This Children’s Hospital Found a Great Way to Show Patients They’re Not Alone

A children’s hospital in New Jersey found the best way to show its patients they aren’t alone.

The Children’s Specialized Hospital, a pediatric rehabilitation center, treats children with a variety of special needs, including brain injuries, physical disabilities and life-threatening illnesses. One thing these children all have in common? They work through the often demanding obstacles their conditions present them each day.

To remind its patients they’re not in this alone, the Children’s Specializes Hospital started a social media called #FightFace, where people upload photos of themselves making “fight faces” to show their solidarity. Their theme song? Pop star Rachel Platten’s breakout hit, “Fight Song,” which plays in the campaign’s music video above.

#FightFace has already gotten some great responses. Take a look at some of photos submitted so far:

The Children’s Specialized Hospital also released a music video featuring hospital patients and staff featuring the song “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. Watch the touching video below.

To learn more about the Children’s Specialized Hospital’s #FightFace campaign, visit their website. To support and participate in their campaign, search the hashtag #FightFace on social media.

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