Watch What Happened When This Police Officer Went Undercover in a Wheelchair

Vancouver Police recently launched an undercover operation in response to two robberies at knife-point of victims who were in wheelchairs, according to the Vancouver Police Department’s Youtube video below. The goal was to catch thieves in the city’s Downtown Eastside area.

For five days, Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley posed as a man with both physical and cognitive disabilities. Horsley used a motorized wheelchair and told people he had a brain injury and could not count, even leaving money hanging out of a pouch around his waist.

Not only was Horsley not robbed during his five-day assignment, but at the end of the operation he had $24.75 more than he set out with. People repeatedly looked out for him and helped him rather than take advantage of him.

The generosity, the caring, was inspiring,” Horsley says in the video below. “This community has soul and victimizing the vulnerable is far beneath the people of the Downtown Eastside.”

Get the full story from the video below: 

h/t Reddit Uplifting

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