What You Can Learn By Watching This Video of People Making Out

This year, International Kissing Day is more than a great excuse to get romantic with a special someone — it’s a chance to change attitudes about disability.

To celebrate International Kissing Day on July 6, Scope, a disability charity based in the U.K., released the moving video below to demonstrate that kissing someone with a disability isn’t any different from kissing someone who’s able-bodied. The film focuses on three couples — each made up of someone with a disability and someone without — passionately embracing and kissing.

The video is part of Scope’s larger End The Awkward campaign, which works to lessen the awkwardness around disability and dating by starting conversations about it.

“Only 7 percent of people have been on a date with, or asked out, a disabled person. That means a lot of people [are] missing out on date nights with some pretty great prospects,” the campaign’s website reads. “Our Kiss video shows that when you get down to it — literally — we’re all the same, and it’s about personal connection and chemistry.”

See the entire beautiful video below.

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