8 Special Olympics Athletes Give a Pep Talk Everyone Needs to Hear

The Mighty spoke to eight Special Olympics athletes and asked, “How does someone achieve their goals?”

The result is this motivating, pep talk. Take a look:

Video transcript:

1. “Stop hiding in the shadows. The sky’s the limit. You must always dream and dream high.” — Mompati Goabakwe (Botswana, Soccer)

2. “Make your best effort.” — Christian Rodriguez (Costa Rica, Golf)

3. “Give your best.” — Janine Schwirblatt (Germany, Equestrian)

4. “Fight for your dreams.” — Marvin Tello (Guatemala, Golf)

5. “It’s never too late to start.” — Natanael Chavez (Guatemala, Golf)

6. “Play sport. Play hard.” — Viren Mehata (Zimbabwe, Golf)

7. “Just not to worry, not to get too stressed out.” — Jennifer Maddox (US, Equestrian)

8. “Your confidence should be up here. You never want to boost confidence too much. Give the right confidence and always look ahead and move forward.” — Tess Trojan (Canada, Golf)

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