A Prayer for Special Needs Moms at the Start of the School Year

Although I wrote this prayer seven years ago, I find myself returning to it every year when approaching fall and so many unknowns.

As a mom of two sons with widely diverse needs and school programs, it is always a challenge to adjust to new school routines, expectations and individuals in our lives we must answer to and learn about, just as they have to learn about us. How will communication work this year? Who will be my “go to” person in the school? How will I know how my kids are really doing?

My 11-year old son who has autism will need much more support than my 13-year old son who has autism but is high-functioning and independent. They both will need compassion, patience, kindness and understanding. As will I.

Whether it be to a higher power or a school administrator, it’s a prayer I feel we all can relate to.

A Prayer for Special Needs Moms at the Start of the School Year:

Please, oh please let this be a good year for him.

Please let his teacher’s classroom be structured, but not rigidly so.

Please let her have patience and humor, but be firm enough to set boundaries.

Please let her have some smidgen of knowledge that different is not wrong.

That behaviors are not meant to be disrespectful.

That hints and subtleties are not ignored, but rather missed.

And that she has a little boy with a very tender heart who wants to please.

Please help her communicate with me in ways that are constructive.

That are helpful and kind.

That are seeking answers, and not blame.

And that are open to our support and adaptations.

Please let the other kids realize that awkwardness is not rude, and a loyal friend lies inside.

And please, don’t let others sell him short, for he is truly intelligent and a valuable teacher himself.

Please let my son have a good year, and learn the best he can.


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