Boy With Cancer Can’t Leave Home Often, So Friends Transformed His Backyard

Bryan Carroll was diagnosed with leukemia last year and doctors say his prognosis isn’t good, Global News reported. The 7-year-old lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, and has to spend most of his time at home because he’s too sick to be around crowds of people.

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Because Bryan has to be home so much, Leanne Christie, a friend of the Carroll family, thought it would be nice if the whole family could enjoy some time outdoors together, CTV News reported. However, the Carroll family backyard was in disrepair.

So, Christie made some phone calls to family and friends. On Wednesday, July 29, about 50 people showed up at the Carroll residence ready to beautify the backyard. While the family was away on a day trip, volunteers laid new grass, installed a swing set, put in furniture and even bought new toys for Bryan so the family could enjoy their time together at home in the outdoors.

To come home to this – it’s fantastic,” Sean Carroll, Bryan’s father, told Global News. “My son — that’s what’s most important, and enjoying the time we have left with him.”

Watch the video below to see the renovations:

Visit the family’s GoFundMe Page for more information or to make a donation.  

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