Former President Jimmy Carter Says He Has Cancer

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To the Classmate Who Told Me I Couldn’t Have Autism Because I Could Talk

Dear Classmate, I know you may have not believed me the day I told you I was on the autism spectrum. You said it was the first time you met someone who had the disorder. We were both in middle school. I’d only just begun telling a few of my peers that I was on the [...]

What These Athletes Want You to Know About People With Disabilities

The Special Olympics World Games aim to make the Earth a more inclusive place, to better the world for the 200 million people with an intellectual disability. While we couldn’t talk to all 6,500 athletes who participated in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles this summer, we were able to ask some participants what they [...]

I Used to Apologize for Our Special Needs Family in Public. Now I Do This.

Growing up with a socially different mom had its challenges, and most of them were made up in my head. When all eight of us kids were small and growing up with a single mom struggling financially, you’d imagine going out for meals would be an almost-never experience. And yet, because my mom knows the [...]

44 People With Disabilities On Whether Or Not They Want to Be Your Inspiration

Whether or not being called “an inspiration” is a good thing is a polarizing question in the disability community, with passionate people on both sides of the argument. Although it’s ultimately up to the individual as to whether or not they want to receive it as a compliment, we at The Mighty decided to ask our [...]