Paralyzed 3-Year-Old Asks for Unique Make-A-Wish So He Can Help His Dad

When 3-year-old Kellen Tilton was approached by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, he didn’t ask for a trip to Hawaii or Disneyland. Kellen’s wish was simple — a pathway from his backdoor to his backyard so he could help his dad do yard work.

Kellen, from Detroit, Maine, is paralyzed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair. His paralysis is due to spinal cord injuries from a cancerous tumor on his spine that was removed when he was an infant, NBC News reported. Because it is difficult to maneuver a wheelchair on grass, Kellen wanted a pathway which will allow him to play with his seven brothers and sisters as well as help his father when he works outdoors. In addition to the path, there will also be a new swing set for Kellen and his siblings to enjoy.

Seven companies and about 10 workers donated material, manpower and expertise to make Kellan’s wish come true and the 200-foot path was nearly finished in a week, CBS News reported.

He wanted a path to the barn to help his dad,” Make-A-Wish Marketing Director Sonya Purington says in the video below.” His wish was simple, humble, impactful. I’m glad it will enable him to be with family and spend time with his best friend — his dad.”

Watch Kellen enjoy his new pathway in the video below:

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